Features & Functionality

Frog gives you a flexible platform building environment.

Our solution is quick, easy to use and flexible by design. It comes with a proven set of tools for creating rich, interactive learning materials.

Using these tools it is possible to create interactive learning you can build and continue to shape and evolve your platform, to suit your needs.


Collaborative Workspaces
Sites and pages can be given over to students, in order that they can build their own multi-media project online, in a safe, protected environment.
Frog can broadcast messages to individuals and groups of users. Messages will be fully tracked and can be received via the platform, email and smartphone.
Tasks & Assignments
Tasks and work assignments can be set to individual students, users and groups. Evidence can be submitted back, via the platform or an app.
Discussion Forums
Multi-thread forums can be opened up for users to interact with each other. Participation can be limited to certain users / groups, and can be moderated.
Third-Party Integration
Frog currently integrates with many 3rd parties and supports industry standard ‘SSO’ through SAML and OAuth. Integrations include Google and Microsoft.
Self-marking Quizzes
Self-marking quizzes can be used to grade individual users, or to guide and control their journey through a learning programme.
Feedback & Evaluation
Frog has a sophisticated forms & surveys tool. This can be used for detailed data collection, as well as for simple feedback and evaluation.
Tracking & Analytics
For administrative purposes, logged in users can be tracked on virtual attendance, progression through courses and also sign up for blended learning.
Chat walls allow users to interact with each other in both synchronous and asynchronous ways. Participation in chat walls can be moderated and limited to certain users.