splash-Home-Banner-Icon.png Save money. Save time.

Anytime anywhere training builds efficiencies into your business. By bringing all of your training together in one place, you can make your budget stretch further.

Take back control of your training budget with Frog

For all its benefits, staff training and development can be a huge drain on resources. Using Frog to drive training and development means you save money and time. It’s that simple.

As a result, money and time saved goes back into delivering a training and development strategy for your organisation that is richer, more rewarding and coherent.


Get more from your
online training provision

Train staff at your chosen pace and individualise plans

Work training into bitesize chunks, against the demands of busy schedules

Easily provide and manage training for remote workers

Provide a rich training programme without losing staff for days at a time

Visibility of the engagement and progress of all staff

Create a happy and motivated workplace and retain talent

Frog gives you all you need to tap into these benefits, so you can put staff training and development at the heart of your culture.