Outreach Platforms
Digital Platforms for Outreach, Community and Engagement

Frog’s award-winning technologies for learning, community and engagement have helped world leading organisations from theatres and visitor centres to faith organisations and housing associations, build world class digital outreach platforms, extending their reach with local, national and international audiences, whilst building relationships meaningful relationships and lasting experiences.

Inspiring a love of the arts by digitally delivering productions and learning to every school in the UK, free of charge. ‘National Theatre: On Demand. In Schools’ is a learning service for schools in the UK. Teachers can bring theatre to life in the classroom with recordings of critically acclaimed, curriculum-linked National Theatre productions together with high quality learning materials. Frog is proud to be the technology platform that powers this wonderful resource that is used by over 50% of all secondary schools in the UK.
Find out more at schools.nationaltheatre.org.uk
Removing geographical and financial barriers associated with accessing their learning programmes, RBG Kew’s Endeavour programme is enabling schools throughout the UK to access learning opportunities without needing to visit the gardens. Frog is working in partnership with RBG Kew to provide the technology to power this exciting programme
ATYP exist to connect young people with the professional theatre industry locally, regionally and nationally. Their 'On Demand' service makes their amazing productions and learning resources freely available to all students in all schools across the countries massive geography with a purpose to help young people find their voice and inspire all Australians. ATYP believe that an involvement in theatre builds better people. Theatre develops confidence, creativity and community. It challenges us to reflect on and better understand ourselves and our society. Young people are a vital part of that society.
Removing the financial barriers for families who’s children are aspiring to a grammar school education, but cannot afford the additional tutoring required for success if the 11+ exam, the King Edward VI charitable Foundation have provided every pupil in every primary school in Birmingham completely free of charge rich learning materials, exciting video games with practice quiz session using Frog’s learning technologies ensuring everyone has the same opportunity.