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Support learning in a hybrid workforce

Five useful tips to help you support learning in a hybrid workforce...



Tip 1. Put a quality LMS in place!

An LMS will be the central pillar for supporting a hybrid learning programme. Your LMS is the place all staff go to, to access and log their learning.

Bear in mind that a hybrid workforce needs to be able to work independently. Make sure your platform is easy to access, intuitive to use, works on any device and delivers learning to match a range of different learning styles.

Frog is an example of a great LMS.?

Tip 2. Don’t forget to blend your learning!

You can use eLearning to deliver training remotely. It is efficient and effective – and will let your team access their training in ways that suit them.

But don’t forget to include face-to-face elements, as well. Real-time face-to-face training is important for learning, and for wellbeing. It can be delivered online (through Zoom, or Teams, or Hangouts), of course. But don’t abandon that human contact.

Tip 3. Use a range of engaging learning tech!

You’ll want to engage your hybrid workforce with a range of learning tech, that will keep them interested, support learning and appeal to different learning styles.

A great LMS will help with this - as will innovative eLearning and interactive digital platforms.

And let’s not forget the power of VR. You might want to courier headsets out to staff – or use the novelty of VR tech to lure them into some real life training with their colleagues. How’s that for a delicious irony?? ?

Tip 4. Harness the power of flipped learning!

Flipped learning is where the learner is in control of their own learning – and uses “classroom” time at the end, to fill in the gaps and consolidate what they have learned.

Using eLearning, this is a great way to work with your hybrid workforce. Deliver their training online, and then schedule some face-to-face training time to make sure they have understood it and are fully supported.

Tip 5. Make the most of face-to-face learning time!

In a hybrid workforce landscape, face-to-face time is valuable.

Think about what training can be delivered online (e.g., data compliance) and what would benefit from real-life face-to-face interaction (e.g., team building).

The power of face-to-face learning is immense. Make the most of it, when it happens!

If you would like to discuss any of the tips above or would like to know more about how Frog can help your business, please fill in the form below...