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Measuring ROI and learning impact

Five useful tips to help you measure ROI and the impact of learning...



Tip 1. Use benchmark testing where possible!

Schools and colleges have been doing this forever! Test your learners before they have done any training – and then test them again when the training is over. It is the clearest way to see learning impact in action.

Using a self-marking quiz will allow you to test at scale, while keeping the test consistent and measurable.

Tip 2. Construct your metrics carefully!

Of course, to measure impact, you need to know what you are measuring. It may be simple measure of attainment – but often, the benefits of L&D are more complex than that.

Give it some thought. Are you measuring attainment…? Time spent on training? Number of people to have completed it? Satisfaction results? Engagement?

Hint: There is no right answer to this. It is all about what your organisation needs from the training.

Tip 3. Make the most of evaluations!

Evaluations given to learners at the end of a training session can give so much more than standard “how was the training” feedback.

Evaluations are a great opportunity (one of the best!) for you to measure the impact and ROI of training.

Ask your staff to numerically rate the training – on everything from whether it will impact their day-to-day job, to the impact it will have on their wellbeing, to how likely it will keep them working at the organisation.

Put that in your pie chart and smoke it!

Tip 4. Know what measurements to use!

It is easy to think that if it doesn’t have cold, hard attainment numbers attached to it, then the data is meaningless.

Try using attainment data to reflect the success of diversity training in your organisation!

There is a world of qualitative data out there that you can access from your staff, that will give you real insights into the impact and value of training. Peer-to-peer assessments, staff surveys, training evaluations and other forms of subjective feedback are a valuable window in to training impact. The ROI will be clear; it will just need organising.

Tip 5. Get a decent LMS in place!

Anyone with a good LMS can testify how well these platforms help to evidence ROI and learning impact. They deliver the training, gather the data and make sense of it. Not bad really.

But they only work if the reporting is good, staff are fully engaged, and the platform is well-used. If you want an easy path to demonstrating ROI and learning impact, you need to put an LMS like Frog in place. ?

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