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Embedding Learning into the Flow of Work

Five useful tips to help you embed learning into the flow of work...



Tip 1. Give employees work-related tasks that help them to grow!

Perhaps ask them to present on what they do to another team – or get them involved in putting together a manager report. ?

Sometimes giving your staff a small but meaningful “stretch” task really helps them to find new insights and learn new ways of doing things.

Tip 2. Get staff to spend a day working with another team!

How much will your sales team learn if they spend a day on the helpdesk?  Or what about if your Marketing Team swap seats with Customer Service? ?

Swapping roles is a great way to learn new skills and gain new knowledge – and builds a whole new level of respect between teams.

Tip 3. Call for some research!

It may be market research to inform your business practice.  It may be research around how to integrate the latest thinking in their job role.  But getting staff to take time-out to do some meaningful research is a focused way to get people learning as a team.

Don’t forget – research is not just poking about online.  Talking, reading, listening to podcasts – let your staff know there are different ways to research, and tap into a variety of learning styles!

Tip 4. Help them to use IT more efficiently!

We could all do with learning a few more shortcuts in Excel…more straightforward ways of mail-merging…better ways to filter and work through emails…

Why not create a forum or regular knowledge-sharing sessions, where members of your team can share their IT knowledge with each other?  We can’ all know it all – but as a team, we can know a heck of a lot more.

Tip 5. Break learning down and deliver in small chunks.

There is some training that our staff simply have to do.  But there are ways to make this less painful!

By delivering training in small chunks of less than five minutes, it becomes less onerous and more of a welcome distraction.  Not only that, but the spaced learning that happens as the mind switches between tasks is great for knowledge retention!

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