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Scaling the role of Learning & Development

Five useful tips to help scale learning and development...



Tip 1. Organise regular outsourced training!

You can’t be an expert in everything – but there are experts out there who can really benefit your organisation. Don’t try to be all things to all folk; be the facilitator that makes magic happen.

Whether you want to build a culture of wellbeing, diversity, team building or professional excellence, you can make it happen by partnering with the experts in every field.

Tip 2. Build frameworks for a learning culture!

Putting frameworks in place will encourage learning to happen across your organisation, without the need for spoon-feeding (you’ll even be able to take time off and know that L&D is still happening – bliss!).

Frameworks for such things as mentoring, peer-to-peer learning and personal development will add so much value to your organisation and help to embed a deep learning culture.

Tip 3. Build better automation!

You can facilitate so much more learning and development across your organisation if you have the right systems in place.

From simple workflow emails that guide staff through an organisational development programme, to well-selected and targeted eLearning, to an LMS that will do the heavy lifting for you (we might recommend Frog at this point) – there are many ways to make L&D more efficient and far-reaching.

Tip 4. Put a premium on the future!

It is so easy to get dragged down into the weeds when it comes to L&D. The ongoing need to make sure you are compliant TODAY, to know the company culture is in a good place, to check everyone is happy and fulfilled…

But don’t forget the importance of tomorrow’s staff on the success of your organisation. Get out to job fairs, create an attractive employee culture, drive work experience and apprenticeship schemes and make L&D a core part of your organisation’s long-term plan.

Tip 5. Make personal development a core value!

L&D sits at the very heart of organisational success. From getting the best out of your staff, to attracting the best people for the job – its value cannot be understated.

It needs to be recognised in the strategic direction of your organisation. It needs to be a core value.

Hint: Make sure you have a champion for L&D on the senior management team!

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