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Building an Organisational Learning Culture

Five useful tips to help you build a culture of learning...



Tip 1. Introduce regular self-learning sessions!

You might want to do this in teams, as a company, or on an individual basis. But giving your staff dedicated time to pursue their own learning is a great way to build learning into your organisational culture.

Try to make sure the learning is not specifically related to their day job. This way we can really support their growth as individuals.

Tip 2. Get teams to show each other what they are doing!

Regular show and tell sessions are a great way for teams in your company to show everyone else what they are doing. The skills developed in delivering these sessions will promote learning in their own right – but everyone will learn more about each other, and the value of their colleagues.

It’s nice to make these sessions informal, with drinks and nibbles and absolutely no pressure. ?

Tip 3. Incentivise learning!

If you put a value on staff learning, then so will they.

There are many ways to incentivise learning. Small gifts and rewards as recognition of learning effort are great – but so are personalised certificates of achievement, or a mention in the company newsletter. ?

Tip 4. Make learning fun!

Have you ever thought of having leader boards and competitions, around staff training?

You’d be amazed at how competitive training can be. You won’t only encourage a culture of learning, you’ll get staff socialising and having fun while they do it.

Tip 5. Share knowledge and expertise through a company blog!

Outside of work, your staff will have a whole range of interests. Getting them to share what they do and what they know on a company blog is a safe, fun way to get your staff learning new things.

Having a rota of who blogs when will keep things moving along. Be ready to find out things you never thought of, though, from how to be an Elvis impersonator to handy tips for cleaning a trombone.?

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