Learning Technologies Conference

ExCel London | 4-5 May 2022



Frog species worldwide but only one leaps out!

Frog Species Card
Frog Education

Whilst we are clearly in good company, this Frog, our Frog is unique and we'd like to introduce you to our species...





  • Can be seen in either blue or white.
  • Prominent eyes.


Found in offices, factories, schools, highly secure units and anywhere in-between.


  • Enjoys the company of HR, L&D and Training Managers
  • Creative and curious by nature
  • Has a predilection for the 'individual'
  • Approachable and friendly

Where you can find this Frog

Frogs may not be your thing but we assure you this Frog is friendly and keen to make new friends.  The best way to become acquainted is to follow this Frog and get acquainted through upcoming events or through team Frog.

Learning Technologies Conference

ExCel London | 4-5 May 2022

Meet Frog at Stand P33

Now in its twenty-second year, Learning Technologies is the world’s leading conference dedicated to technology-supported learning in the workplace. This year we will explore the new tools and methodologies transforming workplace learning today, and look at what’s going to make an impact tomorrow. 

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Did you know... A Frog's croak can be really, really loud?

For some frogs, their unique call can be heard a mile away.

Any frog will tell you (albeit in a series of unintelligible croaks) that the ability to be able to project your voice across a vast territory is crucial for survival. But for professionals with an interest in training there is a definite link, here, to the human realm and the world of organisational culture…


How to use online training to ensure your brand voice is heard


Did you know... Frogs can jump over 20 times their body length?

A frog can jump more than twenty times its own body length (though admittedly not this fella – he has trouble getting off the ground). That is some serious leverage. It’s an outstanding performance.

But it is amazing what we can achieve when we have the right mechanism in place.


How you can achieve great results with online training


Did you know... The study of amphibians is called Herpetology?

Okay, so not the most flattering of titles but it is nice to be studied by professionals.

As a training professional yourself, how do you ensure you reach and engage your learners in the right way? These top tips will help you to transform your online training…


How to master your online training craft with these top tips


Did you know... Each Frog species has a unique croak?

Every different species of frog makes its own special sound and your learners will have theirs too.

There are many studies available on different types of learners but essentially we all take on information in different ways…


Three ways to improve online training with personalisation techniques


Did you know... There's a saying ‘mad as a box of Frogs’?

It doesn’t actually appear to relate to any recorded behaviour or a specific experiment on our kind.

But! We can tell you many reasons why we aren’t mad keen on boxes…


Does your training solution support long term goals?