Our award-winning Learning Management Solution

Frog is an Award Winning Learning Management System, helping you to build and manage knowledge and relationships for your teams and external audiences.

Whether you need to make sure that your staff are fully up to date with statutory training, or whether you’re building high impact training and motivational content to improve the performance and engagement of teams, Frog’s solutions can both significantly reduce costs and increase capability.

Frog is a platform, not a product. We work on bespoke projects, adapting the technology we have for a wide variety of different clients and purposes, enabling partnerships which create fit for purpose, tailored solutions to achieve your objectives and vision.


Ranked as a world-wide, top 10 LMS and used by over 15 million people around the globe, you are in safe hands with Frog.

Supporting learning, development and legislative compliance for 2500 staff servicing 2.8 million customers. Wessex Water needed to rapidly create and ensure completion of their own courses, in new areas such as competition law and GDPR following legislative changes.

Frog LMS allowed them to ensure their courses were engaging and tailored to their organisation to encourage participation and ensure deep learning, whilst powerful reporting facilitated ensured resources were focussed in the areas of most need. Building upon this success, their plans developed to create a catalogue of self service and mandatory courses ensuring the continual professional development of employees at all levels across the organisation.