Our technology is powered by Frog
Our solutions are created using a powerful and fully integrated suite of modular applications which support the delivery of outstanding teaching, learning and assessment.

Depending on what your school needs we can configure the modules to provide the functionality that you require.

Building the right thing

Frog is a modular system of features, very much like Lego®.

Every single Frog module has an individual function or purpose - just like a lego brick has been designed for a particular use. When you buy Lego - you will get a set of bricks - this collection of bricks will integrate to create or build the model. 

Solutions are like sets of Lego bricks - each solution is a collection of Frog modules that combine to provide a collective function.

Sometimes, when you buy a Lego set you will get an assortment of pieces that can be used in lots of different ways.  Other times, a Lego set will have a specific purpose like building a space shuttle.

Our solutions are similar - some include a range of features that give schools a suite of options, whilst other solutions have a developed focus like parental engagement or assessment tracking.

Put simply... Frog is a platform, not a product.

Our world class development platform ‘FrogOS’ is simply unrivalled.