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Take a journey through the Frog platform to see how training can be delivered to your learners and gain a greater understanding of the areas that you can customise!

Discover the key sections of the Frog splash-Home-Banner-Icon.png LMS...

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Frog provides all you need to deliver a training platform that works in harmony with your team.
Take a journey through the platform to see how training can be created, customised and delivered!
Out of the box FrogLMS comes populated with a collection of courses that utilise ACAS content.
FrogLMS offers a range of options, from manual imports to in-built APIs and custom-built integrations.


Login Page  UserJourneyIcons_01.png

The first screen that you visit when using the Frog splash-Home-Banner-Icon.png LMS platform is the login page - this allows you to access your business' training content.

Did you know? With Frog you also have the ability to create a microsite - allowing you to create publicly accessible content for your learners.

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After logging in you are re-directed to your Dashboard.

Dashboard  UserJourneyIcons_02.png

The Dashboard is your launchpad within the platform. Here you can see all your ongoing/assigned training modules and look in the catalogue for further courses to undertake. You can also see all the certificates you have been awarded...


Additionally, you can customise the dashboard to have news, events, documents repositories and so much more - you have complete control!


Course Tiles
Training courses are primarily delivered through a series of Modules. These are presented as a series of tiles that provide an overview of what the course covers.

Training Module  UserJourneyIcons_03.png

Modules are how learners access the course-based training content. They deliver all the materials required to complete a particular course in a linear journey. You can combine documents, videos, weblinks, presentations, quizzes and internal sites to ensure that learners have everything they need.


A great way to deliver rich content in through the Sites functionality.

Content Site  UserJourneyIcons_04.png

The Frog splash-Home-Banner-Icon.png LMS platform gives you the ability to create internal microsites to help support your learners. Sites allow you to create media-rich training content that ensures your content is presented in an engaging way. Sites also track a learners' progress through the material providing detailed analytics.



Public Microsite

Using the Sites functionality, You can create a public microsite that becomes the front-end to your learning and development platform. You have full control to upload rich media, documents and forms to support your learners.

A public microsite sits in front of your login page and can be viewed by anyone who visits your platform URL.


Learner Certificate

Each time a learner completes a training module they are awarded a personalised certificate. They can build up a bank of awards and download them as required.